Openwell Pump FAQs

What is the difference between openwell submersible pump and monoblock pump?

The openwell submersible pumps are placed inside the water (Submerged) & on the other hand the monoblock pumps are placed on the surface.

Which type of pump is better Openwell or monoblock?

Openwell pump are recommended due to following reason.

  1. These pump have better efficient
  2. Does not make noise as they are placed inside the water.
I want to pump the water to my G+1 house, which pump should be used.?

We recommend ½ hp openwell submersible pump to pump a 1000 or 1500 ltr overhead tank.

Customer has G + 3 years building which pumps is suitable?

Customer has go for min 1 hp open-well pump , in case the OHT is place on 4 + floor and capacity of OHT is 5000 ltrs + , we should suggest 1.5 hp openwell pump.

Which brand of pump you recommend?

We recommend Grundfos & Havell’s as they offer onsite warranty.

What is the warranty duration?

Most of the brand provides one year warranty. Texmo provide 2 years warranty. Havells also provides two years warranty on few models.

Do you provide installation of these pumps?

The installation need to be done by local plumber as we will only deliver the product at customer’s doorsteps.

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