Borewell Pump Frequently Asked Questions

What is the borewell pumping system?

The borewell pumping system is mechanism to pump the water from a borehole to surface.

What are the various components in the borewell pumping system?

- Centrifugal borewell pump (Borewell pump or Submersible pump)

    - Pipe

    - Submersible cable

    - Control panel  ( Starter)

    - NRV & U bend & accessories

    - Service component (Transportation & installation)

What are the different types of customers of the borewell pump?
  1. Domestic
  2. Commercial
  3. Agriculture
What are different types of pumps based on the power supply available?

Single phase (240V)

Three phase (415V)

What are different types of pumps based on the pump diameter?

3” borewell pump

4” borewell pump

5” borewell pump

6” borewell pump

8” borewell pump

What the different material is used for making the impeller of the pump?

Impeller made of Stainless Steel (100 % SS Pump)

Impeller made of other material

Which pump you recommend/Suggest?

We suggest 100% Stainless pumps i.e. Lubi due to following reason

100% SS pumps will have longer working life as it has better corrosion resistance properties

Which pipe is used in residential application & why?

In residential application HDPE (High density poly Ethylene) is used due to following reasons.

  1. Flexible ( Does not require more area for installation)
  2. Less installation cost ( can be installed manually)
  3. Suitable for 3” & 4” pumps only.
  4. Most economical 
Why few customer will ask for PVC pipe (Column pipe ) or PVC pipes?
  1. Rigid pipes
  2. Requires machine for the installation
  3. Recommended for the borewell depth 900 feet +
  4. Requires more space for installation as machine is required to lift.
  5. GI (Galvanised pipe) Mostly used for the installation of Agriculture pumps i.e. 6” & 8” pump.
What are the different types of pipe recommended for following application?


    HDPE (Up to 900 feet)

    PVC (more than 800 feet )


    PVC & GI

Does Pumps and more sell PVC & GI pipes ?

We dont sell PVC & GI pipes on the Pumps & More and hence we can sell the package with that.

Which pipe is better for agriculture application PVC or GI?

PVC pipe is better due to following reasons

  1. It is 15% to 20% economical as compare to GI pipes.
  2. The water output is more to smooth surface finish
  3. Longer life as it does not get rusting.
Customer has only single phase power supply, what is the maximum hp pump he can operate?

Most of the companies provide max 3 hp pump for single phase power supply, currently Pumps & More sell Lubi pumps which have 5 hp models for single phase power supply.

What is the difference between Texm Taro & Texmo Aqua.?

Taro and Aqua are two different brands of two different companies. Taro is the brand of Texmo Industries and Auqa is the brand of Aquasub Engineering.

What is covered in warranty of Texmo Taro?

The warranty is provided by company and it is offsite warranty, the customer need to bring the product to service centre . In this warranty even the copper coir is also covered. The repair will be done free of cost for max 2 times in two year.

What about the warranty of other brands?

All other brands provide only 1 year warranty and burning of the copper coir is not covered in the warranty.

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